Funding Call – EMoTICON Network

EMoTICON Network Funding Call

The EMoTICON Network invites proposals for small research projects (including pilots, feasibility studies and agenda development workshops) between the value of £500 and £2000 in the area of Empathy and Trust in Online Communication. It is envisaged that projects will last up to 7 months and will have a start date between 1st February 2017 and31 August 2017. A total amount of £8,000 is available under this call.


Projects must be led, or sponsored by, either a PI or Co-I on a currently funded EMoTICON project. Where a project is being sponsored by an EMoTICON PI or Co-I, then the sponsor must undertake to provide an appropriate level of mentorship and supervision to the researchers involved in the application.

• Projects must also include a researcher who is NOT a PI or Co-I on one of the currently funded EMoTICON projects.

• Projects must include researchers from more than one discipline.

In addition we would encourage applications that:

• Involve more than one institution

• Include non-academic partners in co-production of research

• Build upon ideas that emerged from discussions that took place at the EMoTICON/Digital Personhood Conference in Leeds in September 2015.


Eligible costs include Travel and Subsistence; workshop/seminar hosting costs; documentation costs; dissemination costs; costs associated with hiring modest research support (such as for the purposes of transcription, desk research, etc.).

Salary costs, institutional overheads and estates costs are not eligible for funding under this call.

Application Procedure

Applications should be no more than 2 pages in length (11pt; single line spacing) and include the following headings:

• Title of Project

• Names, job titles and institutional affiliations of all collaborators


• Project Outline (max 500 words) – this should include an indication, if appropriate, of how the project has emerged from discussions at the Leeds Conference

• An indication and details of any anticipated outcomes, e.g., grant application, paper submitted to peer-reviewed journal; proposed public engagement event, etc.

• Timetable of work

• A justification of resources (max 300 words)

• An explanation of how the project addresses at least two of the aims of the EMoTICON Network (max 300 words):

1. To widen the Network to include new researchers in the area of Empathy and Trust in Online Communication.

2. To grow research capacity in the area of Empathy and Trust in Online Communication.

3. To support the design and writing of new research bids in the area of Empathy and Trust in Online Communication.

4. To enhance public engagement, Knowledge Exchange and Impact in the area of Empathy and Trust in Online Communication.

In addition applications should include:

• A cv for each named applicant (max 2 pages, including a list of publications and other outputs)

• Where a project is being sponsored (rather than led) by a PI or Co-I from a currently funded EMoTICON project, a brief statement from the sponsor (max half a page) confirming their support and outlining how they will provide mentorship and/or supervision.

• Where an applicant is a registered postgraduate researcher, confirmation of support from their Director of Studies/Lead Supervisor.

Deadline for the submission of applications is 5:00pm on Friday 02 December 2016 and should be e-mailed to Sally Bellman at with the subject line ‘EMoTICON Network Bid’.

Assessment Process

Applications will be considered by an expert peer review panel and judged on the excellence of the research, proposed outputs and relevance to the call. Outcomes will be notified at the beginning of January 2016.



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